Top sales reps use scripts...


    Build & test your scripts with us in a 2-day workshop!

  • The Story...

    In 2014 Stephanie Scheller started teaching sales scripting to groups with an online course to supplement!


    After seeing tens of thousands of individuals purchase the course, she saw the need for support & guidance in creating effective sales scripts & began coaching individuals through creating & testing their scripts one-on-one.


    With a prohibitive price-tag of $1800+ per person, Stephanie sought a better solution and created 48-Hours to Sales Success! A 2-day sales scripting workshop where you get to write and test your scripts to create the fastest path to success!

  • What You Get

    The actual workbooks from 48-Hours to Sales Success

    Your Personal Sales Bible

    Your processes.

    Your methods for lead generation

    (& how to execute on them)

    Your scripts.

    A professionally bound workbook - forever!

    Anna and Stephanie Scheller - your trainers!

    Certified Sales Trainers & Script Writers

    HOW you learn makes a big difference in how well you retain & implement! Our trainers & script writing masters use psychologically proven methods to help you retain the information, and design scripts that WORK!

    Working hard on creating powerful sales scripts!

    A Brilliant Testing Ground!

    Writing your scripts is only half the battle! Having the chance to practice them and tweak them on other sales-minded individuals on-site is priceless!

    One on one attention in an intimate learning setting

    A Small Group

    No risk of getting lost in the crowd or overlooked for feedback, plus the chance to interact with and get feedback from your trainers & peers to become intimately familiar with your process too!

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    Implement what you learn and watch how your sales will explode!

  • 2018 Dates

    We are only offering this incredible event TWICE in 2018!

    Register for February 2018
    Register for September 21st 48 Hours 2018
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